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It's my vacation!!!!

My first day of vacation (I'm off all week!!!).
As I'm typing this, I'm sitting on the balcony of the B&B in Lewes Delaware, watching the sunset between the trees, drinking hot chocolate.
So about a month ago I decided that I had to go somewhere for my vacation and that meant actually making reservations somewhere since I know myself well and I would stay at home doing nothing otherwise.  So I decided I was taking a vacation the last full week of October, I wanted a beach and I wanted some peace and quiet. Oh, and not too far away, 3 hours at the most since I would probably have to drive. (Why do none of the beach towns in the NE have trains that go directly to them? I'm willing to transfer a few time but there is no train system in this country. Well not to anywhere useful.)

I drove myself down here today after renting the car on Friday and I didn't get lost! This is more because I remembered to use the GPS in my phone, but still I think I should get some credit. After checking-in I walked over the bridge and walked around the Lewes for a bit. Nice town and friendly people. After walking around and getting to pet some lovely dogs, I came back and got the car so I could get some gas since I suddenly remembered I had less than a quarter tank.

Got dinner after getting the gas. It was at The Wharf (sesame seared ahi tuna), It was very good.
More tomorrow, maybe.
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I hate June the 11th....

I really hate June 11th.  Last year dad died, and this year Astra (my wonderful sweet dog) died from kidney failure on the same day.  She had been sick for 3 weeks, and I took her to the vet on Tuesday the 8th.  They did blood work and called me that night and told me that her kidney function numbers were 10 times what they should be, and that it could be days or months.  Two days later she was dead and I just want everything to be over too.

She didn't want to come in from the yard Thursday night (Friday morning technically it was 12:30am) and I told her, as I was sort of pushing-pulling her into the porch, that everything would be alright and that she would be with Daddy soon.  I swear I don't know why I said that.  But at that moment I could feel him close by.  She kind of perked up a bit and wagged her tail and then came inside.  She wanted to stay in the porch and since it's enclosed I let her.  I pet her, told her she was a good girl and that I loved her.  Then I turned off the lights and went upstairs to bed.  The next morning when Mom came downstairs, Astra was dead and had been for a while.

Really, I hate June and I really really hate the 11th.....

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Today Sucked big time

Today was one of the worst days of my life....

Today is the day that Dad died. At 2:50pm. June 11th 2009.

He had a massive heart attack last night (6/10) around 8:20pm.

I was in my room and heard him as he went into the bathroom and I heard him knock over something.
I called out to him to see if he was alright. I thought that he had slipped or something.
He didn't respond so I went in to make sure he was alright.
He was slumped over to the left, leaning on the heating system.
I pulled him upright while speaking loudly to him, but I didn't get any response and his muscles were all tensed up.
I then noticed that he wasen't breathing and tried to move him to the floor.
I got him off the toilet and on to the floor but I slipped and dropped him the last few inches onto the bathroom floor.
I yelled for Mom, who was down in the living room to call 911 and I started to perform CPR.
Mom got 911 on the phone and after giving them the house info, gave the phone to me so that the 911 operator could talk me through CPR and she (the operator) counted the compressions for me. 
The police arrived shortly (about 4 minutes according to the 911 operator) and they took over CRP.
The ambulance showed up about 2 minutes after the police and they started trying to get a breathing tube in.
He still wasn't breathing and they worked on him for a good 2 or 3 minutes an finally got the tube in, they started using it to breathe for him.
They took him down the stairs and out to the ambulance and Astra watched from under the bushes as they loaded him into the ambulance and left. 

I told mom I would go and I got the the hospital about 10 minutes after they did.  He was already in a treatment room of the ER and the doctors when they got him stableized (as much as they could) told me that there wasn't much hope and that he had been without oxygen for too long.  Even if he did come back he would be a vegetable.  They ran some tests, told me that they were moving him to the CICU.  I went up to the CICU waiting room and the nurse came to get me once he was up there and the machines and everything were set.

That was when they told me that he was brain dead and that Mom would have to come up give permission if we wanted to "pull the plug".

I had to come home and tell Mom that Dad was dead and that she had to go to the hospital in the morning and tell them to turn off the machines.

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Astra's new food

Well, I decided to try a new food brand for Astra, since she has been having skin problems since August.  First the blister over the elbow on the left front leg and then the skin infection from the hot spot.   Now her left ear is getting dirty. (I'm cleaning it and it seems to be clearing up).  She is also licking her paws more than usual.  Could be stress.  But since she was running out of her Science Diet kibble I thought I would try something new. 

Last night I went to PetCo to get some kibble and found out that they had reorganized the dog food section and also changed/moved the brands that they were carrying.  So I start reading labels on the different brands of kibble and found Blue Buffalo Co.  Got the Sweet Potato and Fish kibble and last night Astra seemed to like it.  So we'll see how it goes.  Reviews of the product sometimes report loose stools and really smelly gas (I'm hoping this is not the case for Astra.)
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Happy Dances of joy!!!

Bowenknits posted a Torchwood fanfic that I love!  *still doing mental happy dances about that one*

Julie (my cousin) had her baby today.

Emilie  Laume 7 pounds 11 ounces.  Happy Birthday!

Mother and daughter are doing well, as are my aunt and uncle.  Not sure how her husband is doing.  I hear he was with her through most of it, and knowing Julie it must have been an interesting experience *grin*