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I hate June the 11th....

I really hate June 11th.  Last year dad died, and this year Astra (my wonderful sweet dog) died from kidney failure on the same day.  She had been sick for 3 weeks, and I took her to the vet on Tuesday the 8th.  They did blood work and called me that night and told me that her kidney function numbers were 10 times what they should be, and that it could be days or months.  Two days later she was dead and I just want everything to be over too.

She didn't want to come in from the yard Thursday night (Friday morning technically it was 12:30am) and I told her, as I was sort of pushing-pulling her into the porch, that everything would be alright and that she would be with Daddy soon.  I swear I don't know why I said that.  But at that moment I could feel him close by.  She kind of perked up a bit and wagged her tail and then came inside.  She wanted to stay in the porch and since it's enclosed I let her.  I pet her, told her she was a good girl and that I loved her.  Then I turned off the lights and went upstairs to bed.  The next morning when Mom came downstairs, Astra was dead and had been for a while.

Really, I hate June and I really really hate the 11th.....


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