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It's my vacation!!!!

My first day of vacation (I'm off all week!!!).
As I'm typing this, I'm sitting on the balcony of the B&B in Lewes Delaware, watching the sunset between the trees, drinking hot chocolate.
So about a month ago I decided that I had to go somewhere for my vacation and that meant actually making reservations somewhere since I know myself well and I would stay at home doing nothing otherwise.  So I decided I was taking a vacation the last full week of October, I wanted a beach and I wanted some peace and quiet. Oh, and not too far away, 3 hours at the most since I would probably have to drive. (Why do none of the beach towns in the NE have trains that go directly to them? I'm willing to transfer a few time but there is no train system in this country. Well not to anywhere useful.)

I drove myself down here today after renting the car on Friday and I didn't get lost! This is more because I remembered to use the GPS in my phone, but still I think I should get some credit. After checking-in I walked over the bridge and walked around the Lewes for a bit. Nice town and friendly people. After walking around and getting to pet some lovely dogs, I came back and got the car so I could get some gas since I suddenly remembered I had less than a quarter tank.

Got dinner after getting the gas. It was at The Wharf (sesame seared ahi tuna), It was very good.
More tomorrow, maybe.
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